Transforming organizations, whether by taking a private company public or through strategic initiatives, requires well developed project and organization management capabilities combined with the right network connections to accelerate value capture, by quickly identifying opportunities and matching them with the necessary resources or partners.

For example, consider the transformation of a private to a public company. The company will be subject to greater scrutiny and regulatory reporting requirements which will require substantial effort to maintain. We can support our clients in this transition by assessing the sufficiency of: (1) accounting and reporting policies, processes and accounting systems; (2) finance and tax staff; (3) financial statements and disclosures; and (4) internal control environment.

Another transformation example to consider is the spinning off a strategic business unit to create a new operating subsidiary. In a situation like this there are numerous challenges faced by management, such as conflicting stakeholder interests, employee anxiety, regulatory compliance, and maximizing the impact to shareholders’ value.

Our corporate initiative management and support services include:

  • Assessing current performance through a detailed commercial and financial due diligence and industry benchmarking
  • Working with management on strategic initiatives to refine needs and, as necessary, identify value opportunities that can be captured with the right strategic partner
  • Identifying prospective partners, outreach and relationship management, negotiate key terms and conditions, as well as managing the execution and closing process
  • Conducting and preparing financial analysis, modelling and valuation impact of the corporate initiative
  • Assessing current state and provide actionable recommendations to ensure a clear path forward for transforming from a private to public company
  • Managing external accountants and other professional advisors
  • Managing large scale long term complex projects involving multiple stakeholders including multilateral institutions
  • Developing project management monitoring and tracking tools
  • Creating and supervising a Project Management Office