Insolvency regimes comprise both winding up procedures and rehabilitative procedures. The former includes liquidations and receiverships while the latter encompass the likes of Penundaan Kewajiban Pembayaran Utang or "PKPU", Judicial Management and Schemes of Arrangement.

A company facing financial distress may attempt to rehabilitate itself or proceed with a dissolution process. In fact, dissolution procedures are often used outside of events of distress to wind-up a company that has outlived its economic usefulness.

We take appointment under such a process, and the accompanying fiduciary responsibility, very seriously. We have been appointed in a formal (court) capacity on some of the most complex and contentious cross border insolvencies in Asia in recent years, including Trikomsel, Zetta Jet and Siva Shipping Group.

Our insolvency support and advisory services, subject to some jurisdictional restrictions, include:

  1. Accepting roles as a private or court appointed Receivers
  2. Accepting roles as a private or court appointed Liquidators
  3. Accepting roles as the Administrator of a Scheme of Arrangement
  4. Accepting roles as a Scheme Manager
  5. Accepting roles as a Judicial manager
  6. Expert advisor to the Court in a PKPU process
  7. Managing a PKPU process